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Laser Dentistry Services In Pune

Laser Dentistry Services In Pune

My Dental care is one of the leading providers of Laser Dentistry Services in Pune. Lasers have created a quantum leap in the field of dentistry. Despite a few exceptions, the lasers replace painful needles and drills of the past. The laser is our latest tool to treat both teeth and gums. We are among the first of a growing number of dentists to offer this breakthrough laser technology. Our patients can expect a more comfortable experience in addition to the advanced precise treatments that lasers let us offer.

At the time of a cavity treatment, the laser allows us to be much more conservative than traditional treatment. Our Laser Dentistry Services in Pune disinfects the surrounding tooth structure, and better prepares the tooth to receive a filling material. In many cases, the laser treatment is also painless process, so there may be no need to numb the tooth, therefore no needles; and for anyone who associates the screechy whiny sound of a drill with a dentist visit, you will be pleasantly surprised by the soft click of a laser.

Laser Dentistry Services In Pune

For gums, this laser technology also allows us to treat periodontal problems right in our office. The laser gently removes the infected tissue preventing damage to the healthy gum tissue. Patients who have had this form of laser treatment report that they have little or no discomfort after the procedure.

Our services

Our dental practice is committed to providing quality dental care that focuses on the convenience of our patients. Our comprehensive examinations include periodontal screening, oral evaluations that include oral cancer screening, using the fluorescent light scope to identify changes in your mouth, and consistent continuing care.

Holistic Dental Practices

  • • Safe removal of old amalgam fillings.
  • • Biocompatible dental materials for each individual.
  • • Implants Prosthetics for dentures, partial dentures, fixed bridges, replacement of teeth etc.

Functional Aesthetic Dentistry

Functional aesthetic dentistry is cosmetic dentistry that lasts. It involves understanding that improving someone's smile is at best temporary if underlying health and function are compromised.

  • • Smile Design
  • • Teeth whitening

The laser is a technological invention which has taken the whole world by a storm and dentistry is no exception to its versatile applications. The ability of the laser beam to deliver focused energy is put to use in different dimensions in dentistry. Here you get quick relief and painless treatments with minimal bleeding. We use the most excellent laser machines for several treatments, increasing comfort and convenience for our patients and at the same time delivering superior quality care.

Laser Dentistry Services In Pune
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